Homecoming: Madinan Seerah

Qabeelat Salaam is proud to introduce their next AlMaghrib Institute course, Homecoming: Madinan Seerah, brought to you by Shaykh AbdulBary Yahya! This 3-day event will take place at Emory University’s Rita Anne Auditorium (1531 Dickey Drive, Atlanta, GA 30322) starting Friday, February 17th at 7 PM and continuing until Sunday, February 19th. Our Friday portion of the class is FREE for all and it’s just $85 for the entire weekend! Buy your tickets here: http://almaghrib.org/seminars/1285 Scholarships and Financial Aid are available here: http://bit.ly/QSalaamScholarship Volunteer today!: http://bit.ly/QSalaamVolunteers Or sign up to be a part of our awesome team here: http://bit.ly/QSalaamBoard We are looking to hire a Childcare Assistant for our upcoming class right here: http://bit.ly/ChildcareAssistants

Tomorrow Never Came: The Redemption of Ka’b ibn Malik

Join us for our next Qabeelat Salaam Seminar, Tomorrow Never Came: The Redemption of Ka’b ibn Malik on April 17th from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Al-Farooq Masjid of Atlanta! Tickets for this event will be sold! Purchase your ticket right here: https://redemptionatl.eventbrite.com/ There are a limited amount of seats available, so buy one today!! Led by Brother Ammar Al-Shukry, this seminar will be covering the unique story and perspective of Ka’b ibn Malik. At a young age Ka’b ibn Malik had it all; married, wealthy, he was a companion of the messenger of Allah, and of the very first in Medinah to believe in him and serve him. His faith was unwavering, his reputation was impeccable. And then…he made a mistake. A mistake so big that it turned his world upside down and made the entire city of believers shun him. His mistake could have broken him. It could have destroyed him. But it didn’t. The repentance of Ka’b ibn Malik is one of the most unique stories of the seerah. Told entirely in the first person of the person who lived it, it is a tale of loss, seclusion, trials, temptation. And redemption. Some of the story highlights will include: 1) The consequences of sins in their immediate and long term effects 2) The role friendship plays in our success or failure 3) The conditions of a sincere repentance 4) The virtues of truthfulness 5) The recognizing of blessings and how to increase them **If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at ameerah.salaam@almaghrib.org or fill out our contact form at http://qsalaam.org/contact/**

Sweetness of Salah

AlMaghrib Atlanta is back for a great 2016, inshaaAllah! Our first class will be “Sweetness of Salaah” by Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez held on Sun Feb 21st. A spiritually uplifting class for the Atlanta Muslim community! Seats are limited. Please show your support for the qabeelat by registering today! #qsalaamIsBack Have you ever felt lacking in your prayer? Is there a sense of spirituality missing? Do you want to get more out of your salah? In this course we will be understanding how salah is the key to our success and a gift for the ummah. We’ll be discussing: Techniques of forming the mindset to pray before the salah itself. What is the best way to develop khushoo in small areas such as in between sajdah and recitation of the Qur’an? Understanding what to feel after the salam Du’aas to say after the prayer, and much more! This will not be a fiqh of salah class. Rather, we will focus specifically on developing khushoo and spirituality in prayer. We hope students will leave this seminar with a sense of wanting to stand for prayer, enjoying it, and anticipate the prayers to come. Dr Farhan Abdul Azeez DR. FARHAN ABDUL AZEEZ  was born and raised in Michigan. His passion for Islam led him to study Arabic and Tajweed during the summer of 2004 in Egypt. He is an avid student with AlMaghrib Institute, having taken classes with them since 2004. Farhan has also studied extensively with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda, and others at the Bayyinah Dream program, wherein he graduated and earned a diploma in the Arabic language. Farhan completed his undergraduate studies […]

Study of Shaytan

“I am better than him.” And so it began. Shayṭān’s (Iblīs, the Devil) animosity for mankind erupted from merely a few words…and it didn’t end there. In fact, it sparked a perpetual conflict between truth and falsehood that will last until the Day of Judgment. “ said, ‘Do You see this one whom You have honored above me? If You reprieve me until the Day of Resurrection, I will surely destroy his descendants, except for a few.’” Except for a few? It’s time to get serious. He is skilled, determined, and relentless. He will never be satisfied until mankind is embroiled in a state of misguidance and vileness. His number one target: the believers! “Then I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left.” But it’s not as bad you think. The way of Allāh is to not leave His servants in their heated conflict with Shayṭān without any aid or support from Him. From His Mercy is to provide for the believers those who would remind and educate them how to remain steadfast upon the truth in this lifelong struggle. AlMaghrib Institute is pleased to announce a new one-weekend seminar which offers a comprehensive study of Shayṭān. Is he the Islamic equivalent of the boogeyman? Is he simply a scapegoat for all of our problems and shortcomings? Who exactly is he? Get your questions answered and much more as you will delve into: The Origins of Shayṭān His Description Is he a fallen angel? Do we know what he looks like? Can he take physical form? Can he see us? Where is he now? Why does Shayṭān have a grudge against mankind? Was he wronged? What does he want from us? During the seminar you […]

Shadows in the Sun

Our beloved Companions walked with the Angels, witnessed Jibreel (alayhissalam) in human form, were referred to by Allah (sometimes by name), and often defied the laws of physics. They were not superhuman; they were not mythical creatures. No, by Allah, they were fallible human beings who laughed, cried, and fell into temptation; but rose far above by their unbreakable faith and persistence. These were men and women who surrounded the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam). We hear their names frequently, but how much do we really know about their contributions to Islam, to us? Have you considered that today you are able to carry the Book of Allah because one man long ago sacrificed many sleepless nights to scrutinize every verse written on whatever animal hide, piece of wood, or stone that the companions could muster? Have you considered that today your Islam was made possible because one woman long ago shielded the Prophet (sallah Allahu alayhi wassalam) with her entire body, bearing arrow after arrow impaling her body? Or have you considered that today you comprehend the words of Allah (swt) because one boy long ago was made a prodigy, a genius, committed to the perpetual study of the Quran and its depth of wisdom? In a specially prepared seminar, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick gathers the remarkable contributions of the men and women around the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wassalam) to transform your kinship with the best generation to ever walk the earth. In this course students will: Discover the adventures and marvelous feats the Companions undertook Fall in love with the men and women you will one day meet, insha Allah Transform your kinship with these remarkable men and women Grow in pride for your noble ancestry, both real and spiritual Amplify your dedication […]

24-7: Fiqh Ad-Dua & Dhikr

Every time you raise your hands to the sky and make du`a to Allah subhana wa ta’ala, you are calling up a toll-free number with no long distance charges. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Dua is worship” (Tirmidhi) So when we do try and converse with our Lord, are we doing it with the same excellence and concentration that we use in other acts of worship or are we just reciting the same old du`as we learnt in Sunday school? And have you ever wondered why sometimes your prayers are not answered? Was it something you said? Or something you did or didn’t do? The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala does not answer a du’a from a careless heart which is not concentrating.” (Tirmidhi) Learn how to make duà the way the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) made du`a, and inshaAllah next time you won’t get the dial tone. (more…)

Fiqh of Chillin’

Have you ever met someone who pulled the “haraam card” at anything even slightly fun? Or, on the contrary, have you ever watched someone compromise their Islam in the name of “fun”? It is often difficult to find a balance between fun and spirituality, but Islam gives us a middle ground that we all can obtain! Al-Maghrib is bringing a seminar to Atlanta that you don’t want to miss! Fiqh of Chillin’: Entertainment and Recreation in Islam will help you incorporate amusement alongside religion into your everyday life and learn to live in a way that is both halaal and fulfilling. Join us as Sheikh Saad Tasleem comes to Atlanta for this long-awaited seminar (more…)

Nation Builders

In this seminar full of adventure and spiritual elevation, you will journey through the lives of these amazing Prophets of Allah (alayhum assalam) and detailed description of their people. _ Adam: his life in Jannah & Dunyah, his children, and successor Seth Idris: his birth, teachings and miracles Nuh: origins of shirk, disproving legends, and the story of his death. Hud: his description, location, and depiction of his people’s destruction. Salih: detailed stories of the She-Camel, and a description of the people of Thamud Ibrahim: heroic stories from birth to death and adventurous travels Ismail & Ishaac: their progeny, dwellings, and language Yaqub: details of his family, meeting of Esau, and the building of Ayl Lut: description of his people, his visiting Angels, and his life after Sodom Shoaib: his message, language, and destruction of his people Yusuf: extracting modern lessons from his elaborate story, including his death Dhul-Kifl: who he was, description, and miracles Yunus: his trials and experiences underwater, and how his people changed Musa: extracting lessons from birth to death with detail description of Fir’awn Hizqeel & Ilyas: who they were, their message and miracles Shammil, Dawud, Sulayman: stories of kingship, miracles, jealousy & murder Shia, Aramaya, Daniel: who they were, their message and miracles Uzair: his century-long sleep and discovery of the Tawrah Zakariya & Yahya: their love, childhood stories, and cruel deaths Issa: his birth, interaction with Jews, his torture, and other detailed life stories Muhammad: his relations and interactions with the Prophets that came before (more…)

Complicated? Women’s Modern Fiqh

The number one most complicated matter in regards to women is the Fiqh of Women. But it doesn’t have to be. AlMaghrib Institute introduces a well-deserved and long-awaited seminar dedicated to the Muslim Woman. The purpose of this seminar is: To educate both men and women and develop an understanding of Islamic rulings related to women in Islam, especially in a modern context. To foster in the Muslim woman pride in her religion, and to emphasize the importance of the role of women in the Sharee’ah. To strengthen the relationship of Muslim women with their Lord. To empower Muslim women to take on leadership positions in our society. (more…)