Financial Aid

Qabeelat Salaam provides financial assistance to 10 students for every single-weekend seminar and 5 students for double-weekend seminars. Financial aid should be for those students who are sincerely interested in attending the seminar and are unable to pay the full tuition for the course. Aid is provided on a first come first serve basis.

Apply for Financial Aid:

  1. Go to Financial Aid Request Form (must have a gmail account) to fill out the form. Otherwise, email
  2. You will receive an email within 8-10 business days upon submitting your application
  3. Respond to the email in 3 days accepting aid and only after that you are confirmed, otherwise Financial Aid is forfeited

Huffadh Scholarship:

For more information, visit (

Payment Installment Plan:

If you are interested in a payment installment plan, please register first and you will find the details for the payment plan at the bottom of the payment page which will appear after the registration page.

IlmRush Card:

Purchase the IlmRush card and go to as many seminars in as many cities as you like – one time payment to reap the benefits all year long. Check if the IlmRush Card is something you may be interested in (only available for purchase at the beginning of each year).