In this seminar full of adventure and spiritual elevation, you will journey through the lives of these amazing Prophets of Allah (alayhum assalam) and detailed description of their people.

  • Adam: his life in Jannah & Dunyah, his children, and successor Seth
  • Idris: his birth, teachings and miracles
  • Nuh: origins of shirk, disproving legends, and the story of his death.
  • Hud: his description, location, and depiction of his people’s destruction.
  • Salih: detailed stories of the She-Camel, and a description of the people of Thamud
  • Ibrahim: heroic stories from birth to death and adventurous travels
  • Ismail & Ishaac: their progeny, dwellings, and language
  • Yaqub: details of his family, meeting of Esau, and the building of Ayl
  • Lut: description of his people, his visiting Angels, and his life after Sodom
  • Shoaib: his message, language, and destruction of his people
  • Yusuf: extracting modern lessons from his elaborate story, including his death
  • Dhul-Kifl: who he was, description, and miracles
  • Yunus: his trials and experiences underwater, and how his people changed
  • Musa: extracting lessons from birth to death with detail description of Fir’awn
  • Hizqeel & Ilyas: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Shammil, Dawud, Sulayman: stories of kingship, miracles, jealousy & murder
  • Shia, Aramaya, Daniel: who they were, their message and miracles
  • Uzair: his century-long sleep and discovery of the Tawrah
  • Zakariya & Yahya: their love, childhood stories, and cruel deaths
  • Issa: his birth, interaction with Jews, his torture, and other detailed life stories
  • Muhammad: his relations and interactions with the Prophets that came before

Date & Time

Double Weekend 

Jan  25th to 27th

Feb 2nd to 3rd


 Molecular Science & Engineering Bldg 

901 Atlantic Dr. Atlanta, GA


Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki