As part of AlMaghrib’s seminar format, an online exam of the material will be administered approximately one month after the seminar to ensure students retain the information learned and to evaluate the level of comprehension. For the seminar to count towards a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Sciences, the student is required to take the exam and receive a passing grade of 70%.  The exam turnout is one of the main factors when determining which qabeelah wins the Liwaa Cup!

All exams are taken online and are accessible from 9 am to 9 pm wherever the student is taking the exam (does not matter where the seminar took place).

Important Contact Information:

Qabeelat Salaam Exam Coordinator: sharlene.khan@gmail.com
Deferral Coordinator:  exam@almaghrib.org*
Technical Support:  techsupport@almaghrib.org*

Important Links:

1) Exam Schedule:  *http://almaghrib.org/exams#united-states* (Click on appropriate country)

2) Exam Policies:  *http://almaghrib.org/exams/policies*

The Exam Policies provide detailed information on valid deferral reasons, late exams, and retake exams.

3) Exam Instructions:  *http://almaghrib.org/exams/instructions*

The Exam Instructions provides details on how students can request deferrals, what to do if the exam crashes, Tech Support contact