What is Qabeelat Salaam

Qabeelat Salaam (founded in 2005) is a team of volunteers committed to marketing and hosting AlMaghrib Institute double-weekend and single-weekend seminars in the Atlanta area.

Our ultimate goal is to raise our community’s appreciation and awareness of the wisdom and depth of Islam. Each student can then tap into their individual capacities for further studies and service to their communities.

In addition to marketing and hosting seminars, Qabeelat Salaam designs supplemental learning modules and programs that help students retain, teach, and act upon their knowledge.

Qabeelat's Mission
Provide a conducive, enjoyable and comfortable learning environment for students. 
Al-Maghrib's Mission
Provide access to quality islamic education through engaging single & double weekend seminars taught by scholars of high caliber. The goal of Al-Maghrib  is not to create scholars, but rather well-rounded individuals.
Student's Mission
Our goal is for all students to comprehend the knowledge provided to them and use it to better themselves, serve their communities with knowledge, and continue to further their education in Islam. 

Meet Our Team

Talha AbidAmeer
Alaa ElassarAmeerah

Core Team

Mayesha ManzoorFinance Head
-Registration Head